Why Rent, when you can Rent To Own!


Hey, what is up? This is Alex, and welcome to my rant to own home listings review, so talking about this site why rent to own well basically using a run to hold method instead of a conventional home mortgage, can seem like it’s you know, too good to be accurate. Still, I can assure you it’s not. It can be the overall cost and risk of a bank-backed home loan.

So many people are, you know, fearful of lease option homes because it’s not the cookie-cutter way to purchase a family. They don’t realize that it can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars and a massive headache, so how is this possible easy there’s a built-in escape class, so in this case, what is rent on homelessness.com? Well, this is your number one source for property listings for RTO or rent to own homes lease option homes, foreclosures, and more.

so no, why is this important well, most of these listings here are strictly for members of elite programs or realtors, but the great thing is that now you have access to all of them so now you can find the home of your dreams and start the rent to own process today you could be in your new own next week now you can check the link below in the description to get access to these listings whether you’re looking to rent to own rent to own or straight purchase your next home the possibilities are endless with rent owned home listings okay so here are a couple of benefits of rent-to-owning I’m going to make this a little bit more significant here it says excellent for those with low or unestablished credit that’s one service nationwide and local searches you’re going to be able to search here by city and state or zip code

i’m going to show you that in just a moment own your home without a down payment it allows you to live in the home you’re purchasing before the deal is complete stop wasting money on rent and start putting money towards owning your own home okay so let me show you how this works this i’m gonna insert here the zip code okay so once here you have two options one of them is to register to access the listings by inserting your name last name email and phone number okay but you don’t have to do this if you do this you’re going to receive you know help from others to get started and you know find some in great deals if not you can also check here below there’s a uh a link here so if you want to agree without providing content to be contact you wish to click On Button i’m going to open the website, so this page that’s going to appear if you click that link at the bottom of the page that i just showed you okay so you can see here different offers for example two thousand six hundred dollars here in new york is seven hundred thousand dollars

in new york as well, there are other prices here you can search here basically wherever you want. There’s a more filter section if you’re going to change things around a little bit like for example, square feet the type of home if it’s a single-family condo townhouse, multi-family mobile home apartment, or other you know, listing type for sale rental foreclosure or you know you can select that here the bed’s bedrooms bath minimum price max price, and when you click on apply so you’re going to find all of that information here and that’s all you have to do to find the best deal, okay so I hope you found this article useful now you want to be sure to check the link below in the description for more information and let me know what you think about it in the comment section, and I’m going to be happy to get back to you thank you for Reading


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