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Today I am bringing you a review of karat vitamins. I’ve been working in collaboration with them for about four months now, so I feel like I could give a very fair and honest assessment of their products and my experiences if you are not familiar care of vitamins is a subscription vitamin program and what’s great is you get to shop online, and you take a quiz on their webpage it’s very easy it takes a few minutes, but they ask you a lot of questions about your fitness level

your current state of health things that stress you out and what you’re basically looking for from your vitamins and then they tailor make you a package of vitamins just for you, and they are delivered to your house monthly but what’s great is they cost me $27 a month and I currently went to my local vitamin shop and to buy the vitamins that I take now from Cara would cost me upwards of a hundred and thirty-eight to a hundred and forty dollars, so for twenty-seven dollars a month, I get all the vitamins that I need and what I enjoy about that is that they pack them in individual daily packs that way, if you’re traveling, if you’re on the go, you can grab your package out of the box and run out the door and know that you have your vitamins with you now to take your vitamins you want to do it with your first meal which should be breakfast with a full glass of water so after my workout when I make my breakfast and get my glass of water that is when I go ahead and grab my pack of vitamins, and I take them since I’ve been taking my vitamins for four months every day

I have felt some significant differences. One thing I can tell you right off the bat is I never felt more energetic throughout a day. Another exciting thing that I’ve noticed over the four months and I’ve been trying to think I didn’t change my skincare regimen too much. I mean, I changed a couple of products here and there, but nothing significant, but my skin has never been clearer or more vibrant than it has been since I’ve been taking the vitamins, and I have to believe that is just from balancing out the chemistry in my body and lastly, the effects that I’ve seen the most is lowering of stress levels so I work in a job where I can quickly get stressed and I just haven’t been as much, and I know I purposely took one vitamin in my packet that was aimed towards balancing out your stress

and help you feel calmer, and I felt that over the last four months, if you want to experience some great health results and also know that you’re just doing something to take care of yourself, I believe taking vitamins every day is the simplest way to start taking care of yourself now if you’re interested I even have a link for a 50% off coupon for your first set of vitamins, so you get them for a steal, but I want to go ahead and show you what you get when they are delivered to you so I just got my next month for November’s box of vitamins delivered and I’m going to unbox it for you so I’m going to switch the camera in just a second so your box of vitamins will come in this beautiful red box

I am a sucker for good packaging, and I will tell you what Karo’s packaging makes vitamins taking a little bit more luxurious, and it makes it feel extraordinary, so let me show you why. First of all, says take it personally daily with water and then when you open it up, you’ll see that they are going the additional mile to form it feel personal so this says made just for Christopher, and on the back, it talks about some like the inspirational or motivational piece, so this month it is all about happiness and how that lowers stress levels, so it says ready to start looking on the bright side shows what happy looks like our new bonus points for attention to detail so you can decorate this little smiley face and then hang them over on Instagram which I will be doing a little bit later then you have your box of vitamins

In the back of your box has all your nutritional details and all of the vitamins you’re taking, so I hope you’ll give care of vitamins a try. As I said, I will leave everything linked down below. I’ll also attach a vlog where I show the interface in the quiz to make sure out again it’s super simple, but go ahead and use the code Christopher fifty-four fifty percent off your first box of vitamins. I highly encourage it you know my message is all about taking care of yourself so that you’re better for others and I think this is often an excellent initiative, so in the meantime, I will leave this Review like I leave all of that take care yourself others and packages free my friends give it to everyone


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