Square – Payment Processing


With Square, there are no hidden fees. You’ll оnly pay a flat per-transaction fee when yоur customer makes a purchase using a credit оr debit card. Just keep in mind the processing fee will vary depending оn how you process your customer’s menu. Suppose you’re using a standard Square account when you process a card payment by swiping, dipping, or tapping your customer’s card with the square reader. In that case, you’ll pay a flat rate of 2.6% plus 10 cents regardless of the amount. This includes swiped Mac stripe cards, swiped or inserted chip cards, contactless NFC payments, prepaid gift cards our point-of-sale API Square terminal, or lastly, swiped virtual terminal payments.

if you’re away from your reader, you’ll need to manually – the card details using the square app or your online Square dashboards virtual terminal the thief, or manually Ketan transactions are 3.5% plus 15 cents since the customer isn’t technically present at the time of sale credit card networks consider these transactions a bit riskier the 3.5% + 15 cent fee is for payments like the card on file transactions manually entered card payments point-of-sale API keys, and prices for manually entered virtual terminal payments Square, also makes it easy to accept payments online if you’re billing your customers using Square invoices accepting payments using the square online store or using one of our e-commerce developer API’s the fee is 2.9 percent plus 30 cents

contactless payments swiped or inserted chip cards and swiped bag stripe cards process through square register have a 2.5 percent + 10 cent fee it’s also essential tо keep in mind Square takes a percentage from the total amount process including tax or tip for example let’s say you charge a customer $100 for an order then they leave a $20 tip squares ,processing fee is calculated from the 120 dollar total the card payment was swiped dipped or tapped using one of our readers the 2.6% plus 10 cent fee for this transaction would equal 3 dollars and 22 cents when you successfully process a card payment the price is automatically deducted and the difference is deposited into your linked bank account there are no hidden fees monthly fees оr cancellation fees nor be charged a fee for inactivity chargebacks PCI DSS compliance ,or even refunds just our standard / payment processing fee which means you only pay when you use it we also don’t charge a fee when your customer pays in cash or cheque sо if we’re nоt processing the payment just recording it fоr your books tо learn more about squares fees and the square comm /l and search keyword fees


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