Red Supremefood – Health Support

Red Supremefood - Health Support

I did this formula primarily. because so many people are not eating enough of the health-promoting fruits they’re eating a lot of the wrong fruits in the form of you know, excessive bananas dried fruits raisins, which are okay, but they’re high in sugar way too much sugar and they’re feeding their kids so much sugar but these these powerful organic fruits can include fruits such as pomegranate pomegranate is so powerful that supporting healthy blood vessel function, and for years I’ve been putting most of my patients on pomegranate every day but again pomegranate juice if you only you have to limit it to two ounces or else you’re getting way too much sugar, beets are very powerful they contain these natural nitrates that help support nitric oxide function, which keeps those arteries elastic and they dilate the arteries that support healthy blood pressure but also the berries the powerful berries like blueberries and raspberries they promote brain function healthy brain function and so again Dee and as well as apples ,apples contain quercetin question is a powerful antioxidant anti-inflammatory so these are powerful organic fruits that have powerful antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory function that again keeps us healthy probiotics are so important because again so many of my patients that I see have a poor gut function,

and they have continuously suffer from constipation or I yes, and they eat they take antibiotics or if they don’t take antibiotics every the time you meet realize unless it’s organic, those animals are generally fed antibiotics we give more antibiotics to our livestock than they’re given to humans in this country and especially farm-raised fish loaded with antibiotics so that’s why we need probiotics, and I put probiotics in my greens and my Reds because everyone needs more probiotics so many people have allergies and sensitivities to say because over 90% of all soy here in this country is genetically modified as well as about 90% of all corn and beets sugar beets so again, a lot of the beets people are getting are genetically modifying ours or organic though so they’re not genetically modified I have this every morning in fact I have it with my greens because again I I want to get my vegetables and my fruit. and the majority of the patients I see don’t eat near enough fruits or near enough vegetables or the fruits and vegetables they eat or you know the processor you know they’re human-made they’re jams and jellies, and it’s exactly


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