Natural Pacifica Anti-Aging

Natural Pacifica Anti-Aging
Natural Pacifica Anti-Aging

Hi there, thank you so much for joining me today. This article is going to be a brand overview of Pacifica. I have tried plenty of products from this brand over the years. It’s one of my favorite brands to try new things from their 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Their packaging is gorgeous.

And I love the different scent options they provide, and I’m always just really interested in trying their new stuff, so I thought I would do one article giving you reviews of all the things that I’ve tried so far. I have 18 different products to talk about today, ranging from hair stuff I have makeup removers and face washes I have skincare SPF fragrances, body care.

and I would say that I’ve tried and used up more than 18 different products from this brand, but they have discontinued quite a few of the products that I have used in the past, and so I’m not going to talk about those in this article because there’s no point in discussing him if they’re no longer available and I’m going to start by category so let’s start with hair the first one is the coconut power strong and long moisturizing conditioner this is ten dollars

and I have tried three different conditioners from this brand, and there’s only one that I love enough to repurchase; and this one is not it the strong and long moisturizing conditioner is very lightweight it does smell good it smells like coconut, but it’s just a fragile consistency even if I leave it in my hanger for a couple of minutes it doesn’t seem to provide any moisturizing benefit to my hair I’m not saying it dries me out, but it just doesn’t do anything that a conditioner should do

So I think once I got like halfway through the bottle, I just started using it as a shaving cream to finish it. It’s not something I would recommend buying the same with the coconut superpower profound conditioning damage control masque. This one I thought would be more moisturizing than the coconut long and robust I once again loved the scent it’s coconut scented. It did feel a little bit thicker than the previous conditioner; however, it still didn’t do anything for my hair. It wasn’t moisturizing enough, and I can make most conditioners work for me.

I don’t need the most moisturizing formula to work with my hair. I wouldn’t say I have extraordinarily dry ends or anything. Once I got to like the halfway point at this conditioner, I just realized it isn’t doing anything for me, so I started using it as shaving cream to finish, and that one is $16. Hence, it’s more expensive than coconut, long and healthy. I don’t think it provided any additional value; however, the third one, the banana love deep intensive moisture mask that one is my favorite it’s also $16. This one smells like banana dessert like banana cream pie, and it does such a lovely job on my hair.

I have it in my shower right now. It’s not too heavy, but it moisturizes my hair smells fantastic. I don’t typically purchase this conditioner or use it whenever my hair is long because I need many conditioners to make sure my hair is staying moisturized. Still, I like to use it whenever I have shorter hair just because I use it a little bit less. Hence, it goes a little bit farther sixteen dollars might not be too expensive for some people, especially if you can get it for 30% off from the Pacifica website. They usually have pretty good Black Friday deals, but when I have long hair.

I tend to travel through conditioner fast, so I opted to use more affordable conditioners than the B’nai on love, but it is a fantastic product. I love it now for makeup removers and face washes I have on my son and water – face washes and – makeup removing wipes depending on your preferences. I tried that is still available on the website because of the coconut water my seller tonic. I think this is nice. It does have a light a very faint coconut scent. Yet, it doesn’t have enough fragrance to bother my skin or my eyes. I think it does an impressive job of removing makeup.

I do talk about this in much more detail in my bests and where’s my seller water article that I did I think two years ago it was one that I loved it wasn’t my favorite because it is a little bit more expensive it’s $12 full price and I can get one from NYX that’s way cheaper and a giant bottle. However, I still think this is often an excellent option, especially if you need to pick something up quick this is nice micellar water the next one is the coconut milk cream to foam face wash. This is ten dollars full price. I like how big the bottles are for the face wash is ten dollars for the big bottle. I think it is an excellent value.

I did try a travel size of this, and I wouldn’t say I liked it at all. I found it to be incredibly drying. It felt creamy whenever it was dry, and then as you added water to it, it would foam up; it reminds me of a stripping face wash that I used once I was an adolescent. I think it was from like Clearasil or something I don’t love it. I don’t recommend using it. I think it’s


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