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No fabulous physique is complete without an excellent set of shoulders, but if you’re repeating the same presses and raises for your shoulder workout, you could be missing out. For shoulders that pop from all angles, you need to change your activity around regularly. Here’s a complete shoulder workout, which brings in some variations you probably haven’t tried before with new ways to target and sculpt key muscles for fully rounded 3d shoulders and max your gains by shocking the body.

The workout starts with lateral raises, but today you’re adding a hold so five reps and hold for five seconds to one then four reps and hold for four seconds, feeling the burn three agents and hold again for three keeping the tension two more agents and hold one-two final rep and hold. These hold put the muscle under maximum time under pressure. You’re doing it without using heavyweights, so less risk of injury. Next,

a variation on cable lateral raises by taking the line up through the legs, you’ll focus the effort right on to that middle delt. Holding the line like this will put the effort directly on to the muscle you’re aiming for, and leaning over will help you achieve a full range of movement again, really isolating to create maximum effort on that middle delt coming up another variation on one of the standard exercises you’re used to but first how to get hold of a free sample of our approved eight-week program to help build your shoulders.

To check outfit media’s shoulders ebook for free, click the link next exercise military press. Still, you’re going to change it up by taking the bar down first to the front, then to the back down to the show-up, and down to the end; this variation allows you to hit the muscles from different angles each time next a take on the standard dumbbell press. For this Arnold press, you’re adding a twist as you go up working all three parts of your shoulder again. This is isolation, so not too heavy-hitting all three parts of the shoulder in one movement. We’re going to finish with the back shoulder muscle. Over reverse, flyes keep your back straight shoulder blades together again, not too heavy on the weight controlling the movement squeezing at the top, focusing the effort right in on that rear delt the mind-muscle connection. Try these variations in your next shoulder workout and let us know in the comments how it goes and for that free preview of our aesthetic shoulders ebook, click the link. fit media channel empowering your workouts


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