Krill Oil Plus – Supplement


all right this is my review of megared superior omega-3 krill oil this is the 350 milligram a version of it it’s just three times more pure than regular krill oil alright so it comes into this bottle right here it’s a dark bottle which light can’t easily penetrate through as you can see right here on the side of the container talks about the supplemental facts how much cholesterol krill oil omega-3s are actually in there and what’s really important is the phospholipids all right and also the a-stack xanthan all right that’s really crucial phospholipids is what actually helps the krill oil penetrate your cells better than fish oil alright so on the side it just talks about you know the warnings and you shouldn’t use this if such and such and on it also gives the expiration date that’s one thing that you might want to check when you buy this in a store the expiration dates should be up to par but I’ve heard stories of people who bought this product online and had a really short expiration date or close expiration date therefore had to return it

so my experience with the krill oil is actually quite good it’s fish oil DHA and EPA something your body needs I went to this because the pills are actually soft gels actually are smaller than fish oil however it’s more expensive for krill oil so that’s one of the arguments people have is just like krill oil is more expensive than fish oil but as I was talking about earlier the phospholipids actually allows the DHA and EPA to penetrate your cells easily because of this right here the phospholipids right here than fish oil so you could pretty much take less possibly take less krill oil and still get the same effect of fish oil and maybe even more because this allows your cells to pin it penetrates your cells easier so did I notice anything different not really because I’ve been taking fish oil for so long that my cells probably have a lot of DHA and EPA in them however it is quite easier to swallow these pills than it is the big horse pills that you get from fish oil and these don’t have a fishy taste although some people have been online and they said that it does have a fishy taste I don’t taste anything they actually smell like vanilla I guess they coded vanilla to cover up any smell if they have it which I like I said I haven’t noticed any fishy smell so overall I like these I’ll continue to take these as I read more about the benefits of krill oil has over fish oil I may stick with this but if that fish oil around I don’t have a lot of money I’ll take the fish oil all right so that’s my review of this right here let me know what your experience is with this krill oil megared alright thanks a lot for watching


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