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if you found this article it’s clear that you understood that you need to change your lifestyle ,keep watching and you’ll thank me later

today we’ve got a fantastic product for you I knew review guru we’re gonna kick it off right now I’ve never honestly never seen a product ,and a company quite like this super enthusiastic and honestly ,I hope that they become a long-term sponsor with us and they work with us a lot of times absolutely love this this is the favorite product ,I’ve seen them a very long time super excited so excited I forgot my sleeves I know I look bad like this but whatever so this comes to us from gameful let’s see if we can get them on screen no male gameful is a great protein powder but more than that they will customize your diet and get you the right formula for you okay so you go to the website I’ve never seen anything like it you go to their website you have to fill out a quiz right and it’s like your email a female what’s your weight loss goals what’s your weight gain goals what are your blah blah blah are you lactose intolerant do you want to or get like what they ask you what just not to many two minutes worth of questions right and then they come back and tell you which protein is right for you and now in my case I don’t remember the exact questions they asked me but obviously a male I give my age I give my weight in my ideal weight I’m not looking to change weight too much but I’m looking to improve definition and try to build muscle right so they went ahead and they found this for me I told my I don’t want a bunch of dairy because I feel like that just goes through you in a way told me everything I want from a protein powder and then they came back and recommended this and they give me they send you a box right and within the box it comes with a personalized letter kind of with your little diet information

whatever you give you an extra scoop they gave you an extra bag the let’s get personal and go ahead their hashtag is gainful fam and a little note which is hard to see on here gives you a little update of what’s go amazing product so I’d already poured this and I’ve tried it already but we’re gonna do it again on camera I almost hit the Go button before putting the top this is my Hamilton Beach blender and you’ve seen me do this review on this blender the great thing about this blender is it’s perfect for shakes easy fast convenient I do wear them out but once a year I have to replace them now if I would have done this correctly I guess I always say you should put the milk in first I’m using um almond breeze chocolate milk chocolate extra chocolates like it how much Auklet guy um put the milk in first so the power mix is better cuz you put him dried powder at the bottom and it can just take a second more to blend I always put in the blender now I feel like you get the best mix with about three to four pieces of ice and I don’t know how many ounces that is four to five hundred milliliters right now we’re just pressing up the I but the power is already blended give it one second now another thing I’ve noticed is that with some protein powders they get a little too frothy when you put them into a blender this is one I don’t have that issue at all it’s a solid taste it tastes a lot more like real chocolate then some of the then some of the brands your muscle milk your cheap brands they taste kind of artificial chocolate this tastes like real chocolate now you’re just gonna watch me drink chocolate milk for the rest of this pedal stop um but yeah I guess here’s the thing folks if you don’t have a protein powder supplement into your diet right if you’re trying to get in shape you know I go to the gym twice a day I love the gym it’s my it’s my meditation

it’s my happy place right the thing I’m not great at is my diet you know I go into a fast-food restaurant you hear me say this all the time I go in there I’m like aw I’m and fried food I love it you can’t eat that all the time if you’re trying to get in shape be fit and get your waistline now stuff like that so for me I need a snack throughout the day that’s gonna keep those hunger urges now keep me from eating fried chicken and potato chips I think that’s a meal um chocolate shakes for me is kind of a dessert when I’m craving oh I need a chocolate bar Tina Snickers any something chocolate milk with a with a scoop of protein powder I did one scoop of protein powder in this case which is 26 grams of protein about a cup of chocolate milk some ice it’s a great snack that I can do every few hours and try to you know cuz you have to feed muscles to get them where you want them to be and I’m not where I want to be but to get them where you want to be you have to take in that protein and you can’t just take in steaks and fatty foods with high cholesterol stuff like that now in looking at this for one scoop there’s 30 30 servings per container it is one gram of fat no trans fat no saturated fat that’s great no cholesterol no cholesterol that’s a big thing like when you look at a lot of your protein powders your cheap brands of protein powder even your muscle milk stuff like that left 25 50 percent of your cholesterol for the day you don’t want that of a heart attack by the time you’re 30 look for something high-end like this that doesn’t have all the cholesterol only 3% of your sodium no carbohydrates 52% of your protein for the day so it’s got a little calcium in it

too this is perfect it’s a way isolate I don’t know if I’m saying that right isolate isolate isolate organic cocoa powder green tree extract and natural flavoring a little stevia in it to give it natural flavor an amazing product very simple it’s hard to see they even put your name put your name on the front of this a tremendous product so if you get a chance we’ll go ahead and put an amazon link or a link in the description below I would say Amazon link but a link in the description below you can pick this up yourself you can I actually have to go to the website to pick out the exact protein powder for you it’s tremendous um I’m very excited about these these folks hopefully will be trying a lot of their different proteins and a lot of their different stuff go to the website pick out what’s best for you I recommend chocolate and again so my my key points that might take homes here this you pick out the thing that’s best for your diet your allergies anything like that you get the right protein powder or powder for you you get the thing that’s either gonna help you gain weight lose weight whatever it is you also it’s a reasonable price and I can get all that cholesterol and frankly you know what for me if I don’t have a good to counter on the house when I get that urge you know you just get hungry need to start snacking snacking snacking that doesn’t end until you get the right amount of protein when I get this I don’t have to worry about it right like I take in one cup protein powder gets rid of that hunger it’s perfect for me I think folks I don’t I don’t want to drown out it’s a tremendous prodigal check it out for yourself I’m Adam from dine alone reviews click like subscribe with new videos all the time adios amigos and don’t forget to check out our favorite product review and tech gadget page nine-one-one reviews calm Lyman one is a fun energetic and entertaining YouTube page for your favorite phones outdoor gear and pretty much anything in your amazon shopping cart [Music] if you love pop culture entertainment and a little bit of science and check out the link in the description below


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