Immunity 911


I’m Sorry ,there is nothing we can do the doctor said : his underlying health conditions combined with us not knowing much about swine flu ,and then I lost my father and best friend ,that was never going to happen again if I could help it ,turns out I could, there are currently hundreds of thousands of new infection cases worldwide, yet there’s a country larger than Texas and California combined with just a single active point ..what does this country know that the rest of the world doesn’t hint?

the ancient Egyptians used this secret while building the pyramids you might want to know how I know all this well it’s because someone very close to me didn’t make it through the last pandemic I’ll never forget getting the call my father had contracted swine flu the year was 2009

back then the fear and hysteria was nothing like what’s happening now so it never occurred to us that his underlying health conditions would be a contributing factor in his death ,as a compounding pharmacist I had him under the strictest of medical care ,i micro managed his pharmaceutical regimen fanatically he was on the top-of-the-line medications with zero chance of interactions what I could never have anticipated is a rogue virus sneaking into the United States as you can imagine I panicked and started researching the treatments and cures but for my father it was too late his heart problems combined with diabetes left him vulnerable as a son and a healthcare professional you can imagine how devastating the loss of my father my mentor and my best friend was I experienced a crisis of faith career and self-worth I felt I had been betrayed not by God but by my life’s path I’d poured my heart and soul into my profession for 25 years this was my breaking point my faith turned me to God’s pharmacy I needed to make sure no one in my family would meet the same fate the next time we were faced with a viral pandemic when I came out of my depression I began a quest a quest for immunity immunity from


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