Enterprise Rent a Car

Enterprise Rent a Car
Enterprise Rent a Car

enterprise rent-a-car commercial awareness is having an excellent understanding of our business in terms of who we are, where we’ve come from, and what makes enterprise rent-a-car different, so at enterprise rent-a-car, we’d expect candidates to have prepared for the interview and in preparation

for the interview, they could find out about our business our values, which are essential to enterprise rent-a-car because we are a family-owned company with a global presence, and this is important for a candidate to come prepared to the interview knowing at least the basics about our company

at Enterprise rent-a-car, we can assess if the candidate can demonstrate commercial awareness by merely asking the question what can you tell us about enterprise rent-a-car and if they tell us that we rent cars and nothing else and we know that they’ve probably not done the preparation that’s needed for the commercial awareness at enterprise rent-a-car

we have a website called Enterprise Alive co Uk and a candidate will go there to apply for roles so we would first ask the applicant to go there and find out all the information they would need to prepare them for the interview,

so they don’t need to go into multiple websites and do lots of research it’s all there makes it easy for the candidate, so there are things on the website such as tips and hints also the interview process background information about our company, who we are, our values and even blogs and profiles from employees that work for us so makes it simple for the candidate to go in one location and find out all they need to know about working French price


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