Dead Sea Premier Cosmetics


hi everybody today I want to talk to you about a little bit more of luxury and skincare I have recently talked about this brand before and I did a giveaway on their body lotion and it got a pretty great response because it is a really great company so I’m just going to get right into this and just show you guys how it works and some details on the company and the products so let’s just get right into it now this company I’m talking about is premier by Dead Sea premier um this is the box that it came in I got this originally from content Boulevard and I did a giveaway on their a milk in honey aroma kabadi butter which this is like the most amazing body butter I have ever used I use this almost every single day when I get out of the shower this is amazing I’ve seen a couple other youtubers talk about this and they loved it so I’m so excited I sent out the person who won this I sent it out a little while ago


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