Chill Plus CBD Infused Gummy Bear


hey love Sistani here and today I’m going to be talking to you guys about a new company that i used to be recently introduced to and all about how it helped me relax more so this company is called diamond CBD and you know a CBD is and you already know what I’m about to talk about my basically CBD is a what is it it’s a component that’s found in green and that’s the component that makes you actually relax and feel better that’s than what’s actually

helping tons of individuals with their illnesses and pains and all that stuff so this company actually just done the work to actually take the CBD out of lead and separate it and put it into different products and all of that so you can actually they have a variety of products so depending on what you prefer you can get whatever so I got this candy cuz I’m obsessed with it means like I don’t know why lately I’m in love with these rainbow gummy so not even gonna lie to you guys when I first saw this company I thought it was leave like we’d have just food food and I was like don’t do drugs

I don’t know how that’s gonna work but but that company like they explained it to me and then they have a video on the front of their site that actually explains all of this so you do not make you high they don’t get you high at all you’re not going to be like tripping or anything like that they literally just make you relax and feel more I don’t know like say you have back pain like I normally no back pain it helped with that if you have issues sleeping if you have just a problem like with anxiety whatever

and you just need to be relaxed this is for you it also helps with a bunch of other things okay so you do need to be 21 to use this or to purchase this and so on the front when I got this package I actually did not review this bottom part here I just saw this and then I went straight to the back because I started reading you know the serving size and it said four pieces

so I’m like eating eating and I ate three pieces right to eat my fourth and then I see on the front and it says do not exceed more than one to two pieces every six hours so I took three like I said and I’m a small person I’m only buckling and I don’t weigh that much like I’m pretty small so I took that and I promise you like the rest of the day and then it was just around around like maybe four or five o’clock for the rest of the day like all the way through the night I was like I don’t know I felt so tired and I don’t think these are supposed to make me feel sleepy

but that’s just how I react to a lot of things in general like whether it’s alcohol and I’ve never really I’ve never done weed so I didn’t know that this is how I would react but I just got really sleepy you know supposed to get sleepy per say but and it’s got really sleepy like it helps you sleep better but that means that like your body will relax it doesn’t make you like sleepy it’s not a sleep aid so you’re supposed to be able to take these any time of day so I got really really sleepy I wanted took a nap and then just the rest of the night

I was like really tired and drowsy but the next day I took the regular dose I just took one piece of candy it’s like just to help me relax before bed or whatever and I didn’t really feel any more tired because of it but it definitely did help with my back pain and it helped me relax so I will definitely say these work like these are like probably one of my new favorite things because it’s natural one and it’s just it’s just a good alternative to taking pain medication all the time and all of that now I do wish the serving size is a bit more because I like eating candy

but I just I just probably need to get it in another form other than candy so they told me they have it they have drops that you can put in stuff they have well so they have they have it in other foods they have they have a bunch of options you only need to go to their website and see and then you can use that to make whatever you want and put it in whatever food or you can take it directly under your tongue whatever you wanna do now these in here it says the serving like if we’re going based on what the back says it says serving it’s four pieces so there’s about two servings in here

so if we’re going based on the front and there’s about four to five start rings in here so I think it’s that’s great these cost 15 dollars that’s before shipping and these cost 15 dollars this back and they have variety of products all different prices if I if you’re saying like I can get like maybe five pieces out of this that’s pretty good that’s actually pretty good and I would definitely get this again I’m probably going to get this again because like I said I do have back issues like I’m spine and stuff and so it did actually help with that a lot I recently got a desktop computer so the flora would often work off my laptop

and so I got my desktop and so a lot of times I have to use it because a storage is better and all of that I have to use it sitting at my desk and that is always been an issue for me for years and years and years because I’ve you know even in high school I was home-schooled and so working at home you know doing my schoolwork I’d have to sit up and then at my desk and all of that it just always been an issue because my back hurts so I prefer to work from my bed if I have to do like you know stuff on my laptop or whatever because it’s more comfortable and I can prop up a pillow and all that

but yeah so sitting at my desk often time really hurts my back and I don’t enjoy it at all like I will do everything I can so that I don’t have to work at my desk because it’s not the most enjoyable for me but this definitely helps I don’t know if I should be taking it every day so I’m not gonna do that but I think it’s safe like to you know do it every day it’s not gonna be addictive or anything like that but yeah I’m probably gonna use it again and I would suggest that you simply guys check them out gonna link your website in my description box this is like a really cool product that very happy

I was introduced to so make sure you check it out if you have not already make sure you subscribe to my Article and also in the comments let me know have you ever tried CBD not weed not just not weed if you’ve smoked weed that’s great for you but like if you’ve ever tried CBD by itself let me know, do not forget to check them out alright I will see you guys in my next Review bye


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