Brain Armour


Sugars have been a likened to crack cocaine st. areas in the brain light up under fMRI magnetic resonance imager II when you eat sugar, these are reward centers that are controlled by dopamine it feeds the prefrontal cortex is where we think, and we can dampen that that’s the best use of all when we dip in the dopamine surge then we quell those cravings before

They happen; the solution is armed with your brain. It will curb the cravings and not make you desire sugar in the first place. DHA and brain nutrient something called DHA omega-3 has been shown in the literature to reduce sugar cravings sugar causes belly fat to accumulate belly fat causes the brain to want more sugar it’s a vicious cycle on your mind guys DHA algal oil this is vegan, sustainable algae extract for DHA when you do that this will reduce cravings vegetable oils get them out they cause cravings by the way so really in a lousy fat

Will pack on the pounds good fat will even make you lean brain armor. This is made from algal oil, so that’s the plant algae, and they extract EPA and DHA s. Most folks are low on this, and that causes cravings. Keeping those good fats up, you’re going to make muscle bad fats you’re going to make fat. Still, when you eat the right fats, you’re putting on the excellent muscle and retaining that lifelong and frailty won’t be as much of a problem perversion trick arm your brain, so this is brain nutrients to curb cravings all-natural mcg you’ve heard of that oil DHA call this brain juice and some other antioxidants that research has shown, Thank You For Reading this article.


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