Blood Pressure Support – Supplement

Blood Pressure Support - Supplement

Hi, this is dr. Mercola and today I want to talk to you about a common cardiovascular concern so common in fact 1 in 3 Americans have it, so if you’re worried about the health of your a cardiovascular system, specifically your blood pressure, then please listen before we get into the details of a new product for blood pressure support, you need to know that 1 in 4 people are either misdiagnosed because the wrong-size blood pressure cuff was used or there blood pressure is easily affected by being in the doctor’s office so the first step is to make sure you really know what your blood pressure is after that if you still have concerns, there are some simple strategies you can take before you consider using medications let me give you three powerful and crucial strategies to help maintain your already healthy blood pressure in the normal range the first exercise it’s an incredibly useful strategy to maintain blood pressure and insulin levels secondly, eliminate processed foods and eat real food you see many processed foods containing high levels of sugar and fructose process salt,

unhealthy trans fats and damaged omega-6 vegetable oils, all of these can negatively impact your health these this critical step will not only help maintain your blood pressure but more importantly, radically improve your overall health next you want to make sure your vitamin D levels are optimized because vitamin D increases the level of nitric oxide in your skin and helps dilate or open up your blood vessels to help lower blood pressure the best way to increase your vitamin D is through sensible sunshine exposure, but if that’s not possible, it would be necessary to take a supplement to get your blood level over 40 to 50 nanograms per milliliter once you have all these things in place then if you continue to have concerns about your blood pressure, consider a supplement to support healthy blood pressure, you’re probably aware that magnesium has been shown to help maintain blood pressure and might be something to consider if you aren’t getting enough, but you may not be aware that there is a fruit that might also be helpful that fruit is grapes, not the actual fruit though,

as it’s high in fructose and will likely increase insulin resistance and your blood pressure but the grape seeds since it is one of the richest sources of polyphenols or antioxidants in over the years researchers have found a way to isolate the polyphenols in grape seeds and a unique mixture and it is a special a mixture that is in my newest blood pressure support supplement the grape seed extract in my blood pressure support has been a focus of many animals and human research over the last couple of decades what the researchers discovered this extract can increase the levels of antioxidants in your blood however and this is important to know not all grape seed extracts are the same and will not provide you with similar benefits so if you use grape seed extract, you need to find one that is a standardized 90 to 95 percent polyphenol extract with high bioavailability this the way you’ll get the clinically proven benefits,

you also want to make sure that no toxic chemical solvents were used in the extraction process, which is the typical way grape seed extracts are produced, you also want to make sure that every batch is tested for heavy metals pesticides and microbiological contamination safety lastly, nearly all supplements use magnesium stearate as a flow agent so that the powder can easily flow into the capsules as they’re being manufactured this is not a source of magnesium but can be to decrease absorption problems, so where can you find top-quality grapeseed extract that meets these high standards, you can live silly likely search the internet far and wide but I doubt you’ll find one that meets these criteria unless you look at the page below because I believe my blood pressure support is your best option to help you maintain healthy blood pressure levels in the normal range once you’re doing the lifestyle changes, I mentioned previously so in summary, if you have concerns about your blood pressure remember first to follow the important lifestyle choices that I previously mentioned, and if you’re not getting the results, you need to consider our blood pressure support before you start using medication once again, this is just another way to help you take control of your health


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