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CBD oil has gotten tons of positive reviews in the marketplace due to its ability to induce relaxation instead of the high filling; however, there is limited information about the appropriate dosage for once use, and it has been challenging to settle on a definite quantity of CBD CBD that a person can take since the substance that interacts with the anti endocannabinoid system receptors meaning that it plays a task within the secretion of the hormones that are related to our response to stress

so this system it changes one’s psychology changes so physiological changes sorry so the dosage it’s going to vary depending on the CBD concentration, the weight of the user, and just his or her body chemistry, so I did do a little digging, and this is what I found the current measure that’s recommended by many of the CBD experts is that we take one to six milligrams of CBD for every ten pounds so this measure it applies at a 220-pound individual can comfortably take twenty to thirty milligrams of CBD while a 165-pound person can completely do the can-can comfortably do with ten to twenty milligrams

these measurements are just what works for a majority of individuals it’s not doing it mean that that’s the scale, so you never know until you try and I remember the first time my best friend introduced me to try CBD started at 50 milligrams a day and I had no issue with it I felt a little exhausted I had a little bit of dry mouth at the same quantity so you need to experiment until you find what’s comfortable for your body and the other requirement is that you take they say take CBD twice a day for better results so a 220-pound err will take 10 to 15 milligrams in the morning in the same quantity at bedtime

so you should use this quantity when you’re first starting on the seat with CBD to have consistency for the best results; however, after a month or two of usage, you can double its insure and no strong with me endocannabinoid receptors will have adapted to the effects of CBD, and this was just some research that I found you can find it to the experts in the field recommend that daily dose should not exceed two hundred milligrams, but you know you might be having questions about whether there’s a difference between the percentage of the CBD and its measure in milligram and these dosage recommendations are measured in milligrams since many CBD oils they are naturally extracted, so that means they’re a hundred percent pure so to start with twenty milligrams CBD per day and see how that works for you

Also, you know, consult with your doctor if you feel better about it and see what he or she would recommend for you, and again, I think it depends on why you’re using CBD, and this is just my opinion. I believe that if you’re using it, it may be for some physical pain. I think that you would need to take maybe more, but if you’re you but if you’re using it for some anxiety, take less I don’t know I usually I take mine specifically for fear, and my boyfriend takes it for sleep and to have an extra pep in his day, and also I know a few people that have taken it for headaches for elements for the pain of physical pain.

so like I said, I’ll do some other articles on different reasons that CBD oil is taken for what reasons like I did another article on my anxiety that I have, and the basis that I take CBD for it and then when I’m sleeping, and then I’m going to cover another one on migraines headaches because it works fantastic for that and yeah so share comment like if you take CBD oil to let me know in the comments below how much you take what you take it for how much you weigh what you would recommend and or if you have a doctor that recommended how much you should take then, Take Care Guys, bye


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