Hey little angels, today I thought it would be fun nice to do a snowman of monthly subscription box unboxing just because all my little summer girls we know like it’s fun to have like cute weed stuff; yeah, I will be interesting because I open this and peeked and I was like I think let me not ruin the surprise, but this is from a stone ebay box I think this is cute to have different packages and stuff. Right here on the side, it says supporting small women-owned businesses with every box let’s set the world ablaze often Holderness news I’m going to take that off. I’m never this excited about long subscription boxes very first thing I see is this king-size pure no, they’re just papers. I believe right yeah, they’re just like papers. I don’t roll with papers I just it’s hard for me to learn like as I’m trying to learn, but like it’s hard, okay this one this was the thing I saw whenever I opened it so this is juicy hem perhaps their lemon cake Terp enhanced to take the Terps now let me open this quick, but the packaging is adorable,I have to say okay so it looks like it’s kind of like a paper in a way does anybody know I probably sound stupid, but I stick to Ella’s, and like Leafs that’s about it oh it smells perfect though I have like this little straw thing in it cute it says it’s a two-pack so you this is what I mean this is why I thought this would be fun so this is a little like the bulb, but it’s a bit strawberry your giant shortcake just that is friggin adorable to me I’ll be walking around with this out okay, so I’m not sure what this is there it goes okay, so look it’s just like a fancy looking paper with like gold – I’m just going to have to get my plug slash man to frickin throw this for me so stick these on your bong slash laptop it is little like mushrooms the psychedelic oh there’s a weed one right there you see that pink slash green looking one they have one that says um trippy hippie but on my forehead sis.


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