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today’s review is going to be about an app called Aaptiv is pretty much like a personal trainer or motivator through what they call audio fitness so now this is not a sponsored Review it’s strictly my first impression and my overall review what’s up this is your boy Damian whether you hear from Outdoor TV one and you are watching from time to Train subscribe so for this review we’re going to review the usability the effectiveness and the overall pros and cons so click run down this app is available through the Android store or the Apple Store as soon as you download the app you have an option of starting a seven day trial which will get you to set up your information simply using an email address and a credit card if you go and report often for the serve and very free trial let’s dive right into the app so soon as you open the app you see a bunch of different programs for training weight training treadmill elliptical and so on there’s many different programs

that you can choose from so if we look back at the very top you’ll notice five tabs which are home my download history faves and personal trainers quickly click on the personal trainer tab and it’s going to show you a bunch of different personal trainers now that’s something that I really do like about this app you’re not listening to one boring voice in fact none of the voices are boring but you’re listening to more than one personal trainer which you know I thought was a bonus for sure so back to the programs let’s quickly choose elliptical now if we look at the top right hand corner we can click on filter now this is something that I really love about the options it makes it easy for me at the end of the day I don’t like to start any program where you know I’m going from three-speed to all of a sudden intense speed and I can’t sprint or catch up that’s remote agreement doesn’t make me feel like continuing in fact most times

I have to hip stop because I can’t continue so which is why I really like the filter program because like I said you can filtacer you know from the speed the incline the resistance depending on what workout you’re doing there’s different options for you to filter let’s go ahead and check out the beginner and intermediate since there’s going to be more options there so once you set your filter settings the way your desire you just go ahead and click OK and it’s definitely going to show you the program that work towards what you’re looking for now let’s go ahead and click the listicle now if you take a look here and you notice it gives you an option to download now that’s something I really love because let’s be honest nobody loves Little Chute so who knows and nobody wants their data to be slowed down because of over it’s easy to download

you just swipe back toggle button and there you go it starts downloading for you and of course to find your downloads you click the download tab there’s also an option to get the clasp to a friend that you might think liked it where you say repulsion worth and a free class for your friend alright so I really wanted to provide you a quick review on this app let’s quickly break it down to the usability I’m going to go ahead and give that a final 5 out of 5 because to be honest you it was pretty easy to use and navigate no complaints there now for effectiveness I’m going to give it 3 out of 5 it did feel good to have an audio coach you know in your ear coaching you but one thing that I realized is what’s the difference between choosing my elliptical on a particular program like cross training and have that changed on its own or an audio device telling me to change it manually

so if I’m going to quickly look at the pros and cons here here’s what I’m going to take a look at so for the pearls honored for you it was great posture tips you know it keeps you motivated throughout and like I said the trainer’s definitely sounded motivated so that’s always a good thing now the cons I really wish that allowed me to play my own music and maybe just have the coaches as a voiceover because you some of the music was great I have to make some of the music I was able to work out with but then some of the music just I wanted to sleep I wanted to stop the work knowledge is completely go to sleep so they would allow us to choose our own music or plural music and housing personal trainers as employs over about work probably be better or do so for the cost of this like I mentioned it was a seven day free trial and after that for Canada it was $12.99 a month

I did notice on their website for the u.s. it’s $9.99 a month, which for me would give this overall at a review of Reata five. Will I keep it? I might maybe for a month or two. I’ll keep you posted there you have it my review my take on the app. If you have checked this out before, make a comment below, and let me know or if you’ve used a similar app in the past, make a comment below. Knowing information is the power you know how we do it; thanks again for your support. If you haven’t checked out his channel yet, do go ahead and check it out. If you haven’t accessed the side button, please all I have to do so now if you want to see more reviews weight loss updates and just straight up keeping it real to smash that self or update and if you haven’t checked out my Instagram yet why not odds on next time,


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