Internal 911 – Colon Detoxify Rescue


today I’m going to be doing. A review on a dietary supplement this is the natural colon detox, so here’s how it comes and don’t get out grossed out it is a detoxification aid digestive support increases energy levels improves digestive health pure natural helps detoxify your body and supports reduction in bloating so there’s 60 tablets in here and you that would last 30 to 60 days, so the suggested use is take one to two capsules with 8 ounces of water or as directed by your health care practitioner and do not exceed 3 capsules per day so the serving size like I said, is 1 to 2 tablets and according to this, the serving size is two tablets servings per container 30 so like I said, it’s either a 30-day supply or a 60 day supply depending on whether you take one tablet or two tablets

I chose to try this out with just taking one pill once a day, I didn’t feel the need to take you to know two of them so it’s a natural um sorry I’m reading the bottle as I’m talking to you it’s natural ingredients there’s fennel seed cascara Sagrada ginger goldenseal pumpkin seed buckthorn root licorice root rhubarb citrus pectin acidophilus Cape aloe bentonite clay aloe vera cayenne pepper Senna oat bran prune juice and flaxseed oil, and I have tried other colon detoxes that are supposed to be natural, and they didn’t turn out that way, they honestly made my stomach hurt, and that’s not something that you want when it’s supposed to be natural like as you can see, it’s birth on here this supplement did not hurt my stomach so I feel like the natural part of this is right I didn’t have a problem taking it as I said This is 1,800 milligrams.

These are just like the little veggie capsules if you’ve taken supplements before, they’re just a little clear veggie supplement tablet capsule things, that’s normal with different dietary supplements it’s a lot of veggie capsules, especially if it says that it’s natural, I would assume that they would be in those types of pills, so that is my review of the natural colon detox by natural tonus and power I think it’s the name it’s tiny on there as you can see, it’s small on the bottle, but I would recommend it if you want something natural that’s not going to hurt your stomach in any way like I said I did only take one tablet a day. And not two, so it’s up to you. One may not work for you; two might work better for you, do what feels right for you, so in the description box below,

I will either try to include the link to where you can find this product or I will have the link to my blog post that I wrote about this product where you can go into the bar itself and click to have you be brought right to the purchase page for this product to make things a little bit easier I would appreciate it if you would go check out my blog life with Healthandinsurances blog I do post a product. So I enjoy reviewing products for whatever reason. I hope you enjoy seeing the reviews, and just as a little disclaimer, I did receive this product either for free or at a heavily discounted price and change for my honest and unbiased review, I would not share anything with you. If I did not feel like it was worth it for you to purchase, I wouldn’t sit here and tell you that something is worth it or that I would recommend it if I didn’t feel that it was, so I hope you. I enjoyed it as a comment. Subscribe Share the Article, and I’ll see you Later


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