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the reason why I use this product is because I have a slightly enlarged prostate ,I would get it in middle the night to go to the bathroom for five times ,I was going to bathroom four or five times oh and it was breaking up my sleep if you had to go work ya stream you’re tired cause you broke up all your sleep going to bathroom all this time my doctor prescribed me some pillow it was not working for me anymore I was doing I was looking all over Amazon to see where can I find her who has a good dose is with soy poor meadow I found this product as I said is ile prostate support phenomenal product I have to vote for this thing is a phenomenal product disclaimer please contact the doctor and talk to your doctor before doing any of this stuff it is my second bottle now that I’ve been using and you know what I have not been going to the bathroom a lot anymore I’m down to like what was once like four or five times probably wants or sometimes I don’t even go out all during the night so that is pretty good I have a referral appointment coming up pretty Sharlee so I’m kind of curious to see if my prostate strength abate that would be pretty cool why I chose zero prostate support is not only does they have a lot of different ingredients in it that help with your prostate and supporting your prostate it also has a pretty good dosage there’s gonna be a lot of different brand names that you can go for so but these different brand names you always have like a dosage for data

you can use what I can get in one tablet it would take four of the other brand per to equal to this one tablet and that is another reason why I opted for this the dosage was pretty good and I’m glad that I decided to chose this product to do some research on so I thought I’d do some research on the other ingredients that I have here sitting beside me on the screen and find out if it probably would work for you or not I only decided to go with a herb because hey a pharmaceutical product has side effects herbs have side effects I had nothing to lose if you don’t get any words or don’t understand anything that I said in this Review I am gonna put in the description list the write-up that I did on The Store about this product so you can also read that right up so know you have a Review and you have the rate of at the bottom of the Review now that I’ve said everything I have to say about this product check out the links at the bottom of the Review where I said earlier consult your doctor before coming to a conclusion if you’re gonna buy any supplements at all including this product what may work for me, may not work for you oh you will know where this is a this is a do-rag and the way how I have it wrapped is so it doesn’t leave a print on my forehead they get to my ESS cronuts every secondary schooling barbells my old high school as you said make wide use of your time that’s our motto as the second in school and that’s what I’m doing making wise use of my time , Thank You So Mush


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