Will your US employer provide health insurance?

Will your US employer provide health insurance?

Securing medical cover from your employer is usually the most cost-effective way of getting health insurance in the US. According to SHRM, employers typically cover almost 70% of their workforce’s healthcare costs, although this can drop closer to 50% for smaller employers. Based on data from the 2019 KFF study, about 49% of the US population receive health insurance sponsored by their employer. The states leading the way in this category are Illinois, Texas, New York, California, and Florida. As you can expect, the average premium paid by an American with group health insurance is significantly lower than those paid by Americans who are going it alone. According to KFF, it’s around $103.50 per month.

What if you can’t get employer-sponsored health insurance?

Given just 49% of Americans have group health insurance, it’s very possible that your new US employer won’t offer you any medical cover.If this is the case, unfortunately there’s only one option: you’ll have to sort out your own medical cover.In particular, if you are moving to the US as a self-employed, part-time employed, unemployed, or retired individual, group health insurance is out of the question.

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