In a reimbursement claim, you must initially pay for the treatment and then file a claim for reimbursement. When you file a claim, you must produce the bills and showcase other records of the money spent on hospitalisation and treatment. The insurance company, after verifying the bills, will credit the amount to your bank account.

In case your request for a cashless claim is rejected, or you or your family member is seeking treatment at non-network hospitals, then you can apply for reimbursement. Remember to start the reimbursement process within seven days of the patient’s discharge. Below is the procedure to begin:
Reimbursement procedure for a claim:

Get in touch with your insurance company through the toll-free number & provide a membership number.
Settle all the hospital bills.
Present the bills, prescriptions, discharge summary and other necessary documents when you request for reimbursement.
Download & fill the reimbursement form, available on the insurance website.
Submit the form along with medical records to the insurance company.
A cheque will be disbursed once the claim is approved. The general turnaround time for the process is 20 days from the date of receipt of all documents

Important Points To Remember For Claims:

The forms for reimbursement must be filled correctly, if not, then the claim request might be denied.
Claim request must be raised within 7 days of discharge.
The non-payable items will be not reimbursed by the insurance company.

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